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FOOD – the single most important thing man requires and has to produce. Water – more important and Man can’t produce (more on that later). The world population is growing exponentially because man can feed man. The last fifty years was spent feeding the starving millions who have grown to be the unemployed/uneducated billions. Wow that worked out well for the educated/employed industrial people of the world.

So, you have a family that you must feed-first or second. The fact is that we are all in this together and we have to decide what we want for the world and what the world wants from us.

At the end of the 19th Century the US and Canadian work force was agrarian. Over 90% of our great, great grand-parents grew food. The Industrial Revolution of the 1880’s started to change all that. A hundred years later, less than 6% of the work force in North American feeds us and half the worlds. Wow, who thanks us for that accomplishment? More important what happened to all the cultures in the world who have been around for two thousand years.

The reality is that the 250 year experiment called Free Market Enterprise has worked. The rest of the third world has only begun to realize it’s value and have been attempting to implement it for the past 20 years. Since June 12, 1215 and the signing of the Magna Carta, Europe struggled for 600 years to accept the value of free choice, individual accomplishment and free government.

There is no doubt that the American Republic and the Canadian Confederation are the corner stones of the Tower of Free Man. It was Caesar who was quoted as saying (and I paraphrase) ‘an army marches on it’s stomach’. Food is has been and will always be the great equalizer. Feed the people and they will prosper. Every point in history has reflected Great Change in Human nature as a result of starvation. Look down in to the books of mans past and you will see that a man’s children starving have forced him to march in a new direction called anarchy.

The Middle East is on the march of anarchy due to the lack of food, work and freedom. The Muslim religion that has been split since the  death of  Muhammad, June 8 632, will descend in to massive blood shed and the West is ill prepared to stop it. Stand back world the Great Civil War of the  21st Century is upon us between the Shiite’s and the Sunni’s.

This may have started because of food, unemployment and freedom but will end in an internal religious war unparalleled in history fought by ONE BILLION TWO HUNDRED MILLION PEOPLE.

Mined well my friends food for your children will be your first choice TODAY TOMORROW AND FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES.

Lets make money:

Food –  Commodities are now the best leverage play. The US who has the best infrastructure to produce, process and deliver food is  the safest play. We should be grateful once again for the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Look to wheat, corn, beef, chicken and dairy public companies. Invest in all of them to support their ability to survive to feed you.

Precious Metals – acquire it physically to be able to buy the food you’ll need. Best choice silver coins!!!!

Oil – Any stock, Any Public company drilling for oil in the US or Canada under $10.00, BUY! That is the only hope that we here in North America will survive the collapse of oil production in the middle east, eastern Russia and  South East Asia. The need for our oil here has come home, after 60 years of consuming the worlds oil it is now the right time to consume our own.

Manufacturing – The greats are here in North America to buy. We have our own food production, building supplies, and of coarse airplanes, heavy equipment, trains and cars.



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