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The first of May, celebrated as May Day with children May Poling and dancing to celebrate Spring. The Season of re-birth a time of Joy and planting for the Fall Harvest.

Today we celebrate the death of a tyrant. One who started a war of the world, that killed women and children, mothers and fathers, daughters and sons in the most brutal of ways. Changed civilization and the freedoms we enjoyed to protect us from the horror of war. Sought after and wanted dead to end what seemed a senseless destruction of people and property.

Endless days of sadness because one person declared war on the world. We argued amongst ourselves trying to decide whether to
go to war. Others were forced to suffer as attacks continued. As a people we allowed our own to fall while others stood by confused by our indecision.

Yet  today we celebrate and forget that the world was told on May 1st in 1945 that Hitler was dead!

There is no certainty as to the future, but the past can warn us of our failure to recognize tyrants. Bin Laden was such a tyrant who went unrecognized for a decade. The results were as terrible as was World War Two, the American Embassy’s that were bombed, the American Navy that was attached and then September 11, 2001.

The Hope of the free world is that this will be the beginning of the end for it will not end this war. A battle has been won and the war will go on. How do we settle this will be decided by those who wish to fight on, may we all pray for Peace on this day or for sake those innocence that will continue to die.

This is still a difficult time Pakistan is a nuclear nation, they may be the point of the sword that leads the world into greater destruction. We will be pressed to demand why they protected this tyrant and we will not like the answers. We all must be prepared for the worst as the Muslim world falls into continued disarray. America has never been involved in a religious war, we in the west spent the 20th Century trying to free the world of Imperialism, Communism and Socialism. All of whom celebrated their beliefs on May 1st, with military parades and the attempt to conquer thee world.

Now buried at sea this tyrant who led the way for extremism to terrorize the world is gone. But the fuse has been lit. One third of the world is pursuing the belief that all others that are non believers will die or accept their faith. Faith is the one human ideal that provides hope and the wish of a better life.  Now we will be forced to decide our own freedoms, freedom of speech, freedom of choice and freedom of religion. These freedoms we have accepted as our right and that we are all entitled to them. Not recognizing they could be lost is the first step in loosing them.

It has happened before and it will happen again.


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